with a lantern search

the gloom of this world – darker

for a deathless me


behind a black veil

a life-full of dark secrets

will you choose: I do


an arranged marriage

will we make an old couple

wedded to this world


dew to quench the fire

shall I ever be alone

do not fear to leave


in this shadow world –

this nether-nether land –

is there still magic?


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so patiently does

oblivion wait for me

as I wait for you


bravely tempting – fate!

come and catch me – I’m calling

time through your fingers


shadow existence

oh – come again in a breath:

gone in a heart-beat!



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all things are new

ten thousand times have been but

now nothing is old


This has been teasing me for a little while.. almost there but not quite until 12.01.13

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only with the light

do shadows move but only

darkness reveals light


In response to Purplepeninportland‘s Colours of the Heart

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winter feigns until

finally you realise

how tight its ice-grip


In response to Zoya on the theme of snow

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each hexagon falls

reflecting inwardly

of its own nature



tumbling white upon white



chaotic spin – drift

rarely settling on this earth

lest we should all melt


haiku-heights theme: snow

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