re-entering the world anew

pupated after three months

of quiet contemplation

today shall I exit my cave

leave my hermit-hood behind


will the world be different –

one where the wind blows afresh

or one that has not changed:

even as the sun still shines

which way will the shadows fall?


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In response to Judith Westerfield's The Heart Of The Battle:


do you notice not

the wind that blows against us

it is but the same?


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In response to Judith Westerfield's Invisible Illness And The White Flag Of Surrender:


no resignation!

but accepting of what is

at peace with the world


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Haiku-heights - September themes: footprint

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A New Reality

The problem was that the problem was here

sometimes not so bad, but now quite severe:

that usually, on waking, in the early morning,

I would wait for hours for the day to start dawning.

It would stare me right-back in the face from the mirror:

pale-faced and black-eyed but still looking for cheer –

and irises blue – sky blue – still full of hope,

but then back along the long hall to bed would I grope.

But as I try to retreat, the room that I’m in

suddenly moves and jars – starts to whirl and spin:

I reach out for the wall – but the wall isn’t there –

my fingers reach hopelessly, strafing the air.

Reality blackens and beginning to stall

through a hole in the floor that wide opens – I fall!

It matters now, not, which reality I’m from –

for the world that I was in – and all in it – has gone:

and the new, darkened, reality – this seething black bin

reeks of evil and monsters all crawling with sin.

Here I’ll fight to survive, whilst I look for a door

that will bring my consciousnous back to the world-from-before

and back to the body that lies, still, in the hall

where it lays empty and lifeless and cold from the fall

but that meat is unwelcoming – for my heart has now stopped –

so from here to another plane-of-existence I hop.

From one world, then, to another, a new reality I leap –

but the wisdom I find in each place shall I keep,

and finally bringing it back from the distance I range,

I know only this: this world has to change!