winter feigns until

finally you realise

how tight its ice-grip


In response to Zoya on the theme of snow

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each hexagon falls

reflecting inwardly

of its own nature



tumbling white upon white



chaotic spin – drift

rarely settling on this earth

lest we should all melt


haiku-heights theme: snow

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from source to soul

detoxify the mirage –

a matrix of lies


each train ride –

a tourniquet of boredom

constricting my heart


character review:

a blank personality –

my poker face


descrying this world

conscientiously objecting

to normalcy


methods twist –

where darkness falls – reason lies

invoking nature


earth, water, air … fire!

fingers twist conjuring shapes

transforming futures


bitter thoughts attack

 inaction’s utter violence –

the calm in my eyes


the mundane facade

before it is unleashed

prepare for the storm


feel the pressure wave:

smell the rain before it falls –

hear the gust – it comes!


sliding doors open

silently disappearing

the calm of the night


this thread I walk –

this tangled web:

where dost it lead?


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vacant fox-gloves

silent echo empty bells

absent bees


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