Haiku-heights theme: tree

have you no shame –

flamboyant decoration

simply brazen


the keys coloured sun

conspicuous in your guilt

even grass blushes


in supplication

blood soaked palms raised skywards



fly, wing-ed forms, fly

the gentle rustle – oh listen!

the snake barks

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Haiku-heights theme: silence

escaping battle

no flight from one’s own soul –

the visions in one’s eye


running blindly

chased by a mind-screaming

staggering horror


sitting in silence

intangible the veil

one thousand yard stare


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The Battle of Kawanakajima

The present day city of Nagano stands on the site of the five battles of Kawanakajima: 1553, 1555, 1557, 1561 and 1564 – at each of which up to 33,000 men fought in pitched battle. Continue reading