Books Reading or Read

      I’m Currently Reading:

    • Wind Five-Folded, Reichold, J.

Basho – The Complete Haiku, Reichold, J. 2008, Kodansha International

I seem to be almost always reading Reichold’s Basho – The Complete Haiku but strangely have never yet finished it.

Recently Read:

  • Women Of The Silk, Tsukiyama G., 1991, St Martin’s Press
  • Writing and Enjoying Haiku, A Hands-on Guide, Reichman, J., 2002, Kodansha International

Previously Read

  • Among The Millet And Other Poems, Archibald Lampman
  • Because Of The Rain, Korean Zen Poems, tr. Daljin Kim, tr. Won-Chung Kim & Christopher Merrill, 2005, Companions For The Journey, White Pine Press
  • Charlotte Bronte A Passionate Life, Gordon L., 2008, Virago Press
  • Haiku Garden, A, Four Seasons in Poems and Prints, Stephen Addiss, 2003, Weatherhill
  • Language of Threads, The, Gail Tsukiyama, 1999, St Martin’s Press
  • Lives Like Loaded Guns Emily Dickinson and her family’s feuds, Gordon L., 2010, Virago Press
  • Mishima’s Sword, Christopher Ross, 2006, Harper Collins
  • Religion Of The Samurai, A Study Of Zen, Kaiten Nukariya
  • Road To Heaven – Encounters With Chinese Hermits, Bill Porter, 1993, Rider Books
  • Ronin, The, William Dale Jennings, 2001, Tuttle Publishing
  • Samurai’s Garden, The, Gail Tsukiyama, 1994, St Martin’s Press
  • Street of a Thousand Blossoms, The, Gail Tsukiyama, 2007, St Martin’s Press
  • Story Of The Stone, Cao Xueqin
  • Tao de Ching, Lao Tzu
  • Zen Questions, Robert Allen (Andre Sollier, illus), Octopus Publishing Group, 2008
  • Zen Poems, Manu Bazzano (Andre Sollier, illus), 2002, MQ Publications
  • Zen The Reason Of Unreason, T.H. Barret (ed.), 1993, Labyrinth Publishing

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