Haiku-heights - September themes: footprint

sights familiar

strange – have I been here before?

mountain flowers bloom


venerable one

pray-did someone this way come?

only a hermit


before me the trail

visible only to those

who can see nothing


find auspicious signs

on the path of solitude:

one hundred and eight


coming from nowhere

footprints evaporate

everything returns

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8 thoughts on “(untitled)#24

  1. I have used the word “unique” a lot today because so much of today’s haiku has been so. Yours are especially unique and I can see images of the old masters walking those paths. My favourite is the last with “footprints evaporate”.

  2. thank you all for your comments!

    perhaps with some I am difficult to follow? Sensei tells me I am often too cryptic!

    … the first should be clear

    … two contains a duality – who is being asked – and who is answering? Does the wanderer really find / see a hermit, or just ‘discover’ one?

    … those at the hiatus of their meditation (samadhi) are the ones who see nothing but still find the way (tao)

    … the 108 auspicious signs are those found on Buddha’s footprint

    … in ‘coming from nowhere’ the wanderer has found the tao and left behind everything else; his death on the mountain is his return, since all is one, should we choose to see it

    hope this helps


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