Trying To Find

I tried to work hard; but I tried to keep space

I worked all the harder to keep up with the race …

I tried to get on, but balanced, I thought –

I worked all the harder until I was frought!

Is it so hard to be free? So hard to find zen?

I tried to breathe – but felt there was no need;

Did I make it happen or did I just break?

Ultimately stopping when all my heart ached.

There is no need

to try …

to find peace …

to find Zen

Written in response to the IllegalGal


One thought on “Trying To Find

  1. And I answered:

    Let it be, let if flow.
    It will come to you,
    sooner or later,
    you’ll see…
    just keep looking,
    don’t give up…
    Zen will come when its time arrives.
    That’s the art of Zen:
    you can’t make things happen,
    nor your process go faster,
    start by accepting your present moment,
    enjoy it, relax…
    I promise you that if you keep looking,
    it will come.

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