In The Shadows

I shall be here – in the shadows,

upon a dune-crest riding high,

playing my whistle, softly, sadly:

oh – let the tide come flooding nigh.

Above let stars spin overhead

and whirl around the pole-star bright;

and below the ocean’s waves bring crashing,

this and every coming night.

Hear the breeze that never ceases,

carry the wave-come-cymbal’s crash –

finale to another flute-piece:

down on the shore the breakers splash.

Let me go now, before the dawning;

peach-blossom brightens into day,

despite the insistant wind recalling,

urging me to stop and stay;

While the sun is low-  its shadows,

gently pink the rippled sand,

before the heat of day must I walk

along the beach and then inland;

Before the world wakes up and rises;

discovers things it should not see:

all of the night sky in my iris –

before the light comes I must flee!

I shall be here – in the shadows,

amongst the forest trees so tall

and back tonight like the tide come-calling

as the dark of night does fall.

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