Fishes Like Poems

Poems like fishes all come swimming past –

so many, innumerable, all going so fast:

I’d like to try catch-one but shoaling they fin

into a whirling ball, silver, all wild in a spin!

In a blur they wheel past me and gone in a flash –

in the silent, still water – not even a splash,

but in the comforting clarity, enveloping fold,

of the crystal clear water its not even cold.

So floating I drift with the tides and the lace

of intricate seaweeds, across oceans I chase:

below fantastical chandeliers, by the sun lit –

the tentacled colonies of jelly fish – I flit.

In the depths a rare shadow: of hope a faint glimmer

in the distance before me – spy a brilliant shimmer!

One day shall I catch one, one day to be sure

will I land my fine catch upon a far golden shore.

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