The Middle-aged Ninja

I live on your road

and walk down your street

but when I walk along

I just watch my feet

just like you

so that I blend in

so you’d never guess

the world I live in.

And in plain sight

just like each tree

I have obvious


Not in shadows

but in sunlight gold

though it could be said

that I am far too old:

In the park

I sit upon the swings

or upon the bench

letting my mind sing

Then with my children

playing at their games

will walk tight-rope

across the climbing frame

then from rock to rock

will I jump and hop

look carefully for

in mid-air I’ll stop!

And the leaves that –

are blowing on the breeze

and the flying birds

will also freeze –

then carry on

as if with no care

but now I am standing

over there!

Now the kids come running

wanting tea

they hold my hand

I am back being ‘me’

then as the sunlight

is growing old

and cold black shadows

creeping – lengthen bold

encourage them

despite the fall

to walk along

the old stone wall

for where is there

not to be found

for the whole world is

just a big playground!


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