Whistling Ninja

I walk among you

But only few can see

The golden threads

That constitute all:

You – and me

And each of them

Hums its own

Fever pitch,

Emits spectra of colour

That evade the rich

Weave tapestries then –

Our lives intertwine

In mysterious ways

Who would know

Should they be divine?

In the shadows I play

And on the winds ride

But when it comes to

Bright light –

I would rather hide!


Written for my wordpress profile


Like a corpse I lie here in state

Just staring at the ceiling with hate

But the only sound in my mind

Is the howling of winds so unkind

As my eyes slide down to my nose

My vision pales out – to snows

And into the mattress I think

My body is starting to sink

Though my body is laden, as lead

There’s an exit doorway – my head

And it leads out into the wilds

Where in bright snows stands just a child

A gentle smile – spirits lift!

As chill winds toy with spin-drift

Over creaking, compacting layers

In the kingdom of the Ice-Bear

As crystals scatter and hiss

The figure is lost in the mists

Just standing – there’s no need to grope

Abandoning all, even hope –

But welcomes the pervasive calm

A kiss, as gentle as balm

Embraced by the enduring cold

Now the boy shall never grow old

Now snows silently fill in his tracks

As with the coming of ice my heart cracks